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Blackjack hasn't changed too much over the years. Well, actually I'm sure a few of you remember the good old days on the strip in Vegas when you really could find a countable game, so things have changed a little. Cards are often reshuffled after every hand in Vegas casinos these days, and that's pretty much the standard for all online blackjack establishments too. Online casinos have become the new way to play recently, so taking a look at how the game may have changed to accommodate it's new environment seems like it could be a good idea.

The harshest change (that's admitted to at least) is the fact that cards are reshuffled constantly. The digital version of blackjack held many a great hope for card counters with computer geek friends in the early nineties. But card counting is a strategy that died with the reshuffle, as it depends wholly on the deck being dealt down a significant degree. But if Vegas is already following this path, what things are different in online blackjack? There aren't many inherent deficits actually, so long as you're playing against a fair game. The strategies you play with should remain the same, although sometimes you'll need to email the casino to find out how many decks they play with.

The major difference between playing online blackjack and the land-based variety is your surrounding environment. Volumes could be written on the psychology of your surrounding environment in a Vegas casino. Therein lies an inherent advantage to playing at home: all of the distractions Vegas casinos throw at you (and there's certainly no shortage of them) disappear. This advantage stretches to other more defined areas too, which I feel are worthy of note. Playing blackjack at the casino requires you keep up to the pace of the table your at, while playing online blackjack lets you set your own pace.

When it comes to strategy, time is your friend, and that's what online blackjack offers above and beyond the casino. You can easily print up a basic strategy chart for the game you're playing and reference it for as long as you like, as many times as you like. You can make bets that you might not make in front of other people at the casino (although chances are those might not be the best bets to make). You can forget about the third-baseman, or forget about everyone else's eyes when you're in that seat yourself.

So besides the fact that it doesn't cost as much to log onto the Internet as it does to fly to Vegas, there are some subtle reasons you might want to try playing blackjack online for real cash sometime.

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