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Most basic/perfect blackjack strategy suggestions will appear as common sense, but sometimes there is another variable at play, and an unintuitive move turns out to be more profitable. There are two things that are important about learning to play with perfect blackjack strategy. The first thing to remember is, you can't only play perfect strategy some of the time and not the rest of the time. A basic strategy suggestion will only 'make you the most money' in the long run, if the long run is comprised of basic strategy moves. It is useless to play perfect strategy, then change your mind on gut instinct part way through, because it will invalidate your perfect strategy play up to that point. In blackjack each hand is dependent on the hands before it and after it, since the cards come from a finite set of decks. Roulette and other games can not be thought of this way, since each spin of the roulette wheel is independent of all other spins. The other important thing to remember, well it's pretty much the same as the first but deserves its own mention, is if basic strategy says to double down, double down! Many people think that when basic strategy suggests to double down, they are likely to win regardless, so don't see the harm in not doubling, and not putting quite so much at risk. But the affect that perfect play has on the house edge wont be nearly as significant if you fail to double down when suggested. Doubling down is one of very few ways to take advantage of a good hand in blackjack, so don't hesitate to do so when it seems like a good idea.

So blackjack is definitely a game of skill. Why? Because you make meaningful decisions with your hand. The right decisions will help you win (or at least not lose as much) money while the wrong decisions will cost money in the long run - sometimes more than you think. The correct rules for decision-making have already been worked out for us, now all we have to do is use them. I'm hoping this basic strategy checker will make the task of learning basic strategy easier. Remember, these suggestions aren't a matter of guesswork or hunches, they've all been worked out mathematically. So what does all of this brain-work earn you in the end? Play with perfect strategy and you're only facing a house edge in the vicinity of 0.5%. You can't do much better than that in the casino.

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