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Mastering Blackjack with Ten Knuden

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Welcome to my free blackjack game page. As I've mentioned throughout the rest of this site, an essential tool to learning the game of blackjack is a free place to play. Only recently have new blackjack players had the opportunity to practice without losing any cash, in a realistic way. Our game incorporates a bankroll of sorts. You're given 1000 credits to start with, and your credit balance stays with you through your game-play and into the next time you come back. This way you can truly learn to play, by attributing some reality to the chips your playing with. If you actually try seriously to think about the chips as real money, this free blackjack game can give you all the experience you'll need to master the game.

Take advantage of the fact that you can stop at any time and reference some basic strategies, check a book, or even email us here with a specific question. The house edge in blackjack falls lower with every right move you make, and creeps back up with every wrong one, so before you play for real, play this free blackjack game and get a sense of how your bankroll reacts as you play. You can even open up a couple of accounts and play them each with a different style or a different system to test out any hunches you've got.

Blackjack isn't the only game available in our free games console; you can also distract yourself with a game of slots, video poker, or craps. Roulette will be added soon enough too (if it isn't already!), so you can also brush up on your other favorite games here at

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