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Blackjack Money Management

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Money management will help to improve your play no matter the house edge - thus helping to maximize your profit. This can sometimes be achieved by using a betting system - there are a large number of such systems but I'll only mention three here because frankly I don't believe the rest are worth your time, and in my view they will not actually help with any real money management issues that you may be having.

Martingale betting system
This is the simplest one. Start with an initial fix bet. Double your bet every time you lose. Your losing streak can not last forever and when you finally win your wager you will come ahead of the house recovering all previous lost bets. Then you start all over again with your initial bet. However, this system is not flawless: you need a very large bankroll to use it and casinos have wager limits so you can not increase your bets indefinitely. Be careful with this system, you can soon find yourself betting a couple of hundred dollars to try and recover an initial $20 loss.

Progressive betting system
Start with an initial fix bet. Each time you win your wager you will increase the current bet by that initial one. Every time you lose you will bet the current amount minus the initial one. As long as you are winning you will continue to raise your bets and when you start losing you will bet the same bets but in a descending order.

Card counting betting system
There are many card counting systems but the easiest are based on the "one-level" method. When you use such a system you keep track of the played cards by assigning a tag to each one of them. There are three different tags: -1 (10, J, Q, K, Ace), 0 (7, 8, 0) and +1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6). After the shuffle you start adding the tags of each card from every single hand dealt (your starting count is 0). You will modify your bet only when the count reaches a certain level (different systems have different levels). Generally, you should maximize your bets when the count is positive and minimize them when the count is negative. This is a very rudimentary form of card counting that can be tried by the casual player, if you happen to have a casino around that doesn't mind.

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